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Tzatziki is an appetizer of Greek cuisine. Its main ingredient is strained yogurt to which is added grated cucumber, melted garlic, dill and a little olive oil. It is served as an appetizer, mainly with grilled meats. It goes well with french fries or zucchini. It can be served, spread on bread and as an appetizer for ouzo or tsipouro. Tzatziki is also popular as an ingredient in souvlaki with pie...
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Taramosalata is a creamy sauce that is mainly eaten in Greece. Its main ingredient is tarama, or fish eggs. The tarama is mixed with olive oil, dry bread, potatoes, onion and lemon and mixed well until they become creamy. The taste of taramosalata is special because of the tarama. Depending on the color of the tarama, it is also the color of the taramosalata, light beige or pink. Taramasalata is usually served as a meze, often with ouzo, as a spread on bread. In Greece, taramosalata is usually eaten during fasting periods...
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This sauce is mainly based on grilled, baked or flame aubergine pulp, which is finely chopped or crushed and to which we add salt, vinegar, olive oil and crushed garlic. The sauce may also contain red chili. It is a special "meze" and one of the most popular Greek sauces...
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Hot cheese, cheese salad and whipped cream are appetizers of Greek cuisine with minimal differences between them. Their main ingredient is mizithra and feta which are mixed with mayonnaise, yogurt and green or red peppers. Hot cheese and whipped cream contain green and red peppers respectively and are more spicy. Ideal accompaniment to sandwiches and varieties of ouzo appetizers...
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Skordalia is a beautiful Greek-style garlic dip that has a thick base of either day-old bread or mashed potatoes. This easy skordalia recipe is made of mashed potatoes and flavored with garlic, mustard and a hint of mayonnaise...
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Hummus is a creamy salad, used in the Middle East as an accompaniment to bread or Arabic pie in an appetizer roll. It is traditionally prepared from tahini and chickpeas, lemon and olive oil with the addition of various spices, while it is served in a deep dish with oil and oregano...
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