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Greek fir and blossom honey - 450gr - Melenia

Greek fir and blossom honey - 450gr - Melenia
Greek fir and blossom honey - 450gr - Melenia
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Fir honey and flowers from the mountainous area of Nafpaktia and the mountainous Dorida.

From our territory we collect the precious spruce honey which in combination with the flowers create an excellent product, a gift of nature.

Fir honey makes up 5-10% of the annual Greek honey production. It is characterized as honeydew because it is infested with insects, mainly Physokermes hemicryphus.

Fir honey is one of the categories of Greek honey with a particularly good taste and characteristic appearance, which distinguishes it. It has few reducing sugars, i.e. low natural dextrose and fructose content. Due to the low percentage of glucose it does not crystallize, which makes it sought after.

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