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Sardines "Aegeo" in olive oil - 100gr - Trata

Sardines "Aegeo" in olive oil - 100gr - Trata
Sardines "Aegeo" in olive oil - 100gr - Trata
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TRATA sardines are carefully selected from fresh catch. They are meticulously cleaned, quality assured and canned. They are steamed lightly, so as to stay tender and retain their nutrients.

The presence of Greek olive oil offers added value to the final flavor.

For sardines TRATA we only use the species Sardina Pilchardus, which is the only species that is characterized as “sardine” and not as “sardine-type” .Sardines are fished in the waters of Northern Aegean.

The unique conditions and the biodiversity present in their natural habitat and their diet are the reasons behind their superior quality, light, tender and flavorful flesh without scales.

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