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Natural unrefined salt is a treasure of the Messolonghi lagoon. The production season starts in March-April. The seawater is channeled to the preheaters of the salt pans, areas that are appropriately designed for the storage and isolation of seawater. During spring and summer the water heats up and dries slowly, while in certain density conditions it is transferred from one heater to another. In this way insoluble materials and unnecessary salts that are produced while the sea dries are removed. At the end of the summer, the salt-saturated sea water is transferred to the alopecia (or "pans" for the locals) where it is left to dry...
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Afrina / Salt Flower The word "Afrina" is the local name for what is known as the Salt Flower or Fleur-de-sel. Afrina is produced only in the salt pans of Messolonghi, as here there are suitable climatic and soil conditions (shallow sea, minimal ripples, moderate winds, bottom without slopes). A thin crust of the first salt is created on the surface of the aloe vera. Slowly, with the wind, this crust will be carried away and will be deposited like foam on the sides of the hawthorns (hence the local name "afrina"). Then, when this foam dries, it is collected exclusively by hand by specialized woodworkers; an age-old technique known to those..
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An excellent combination. The natural raw salt of Messolonghi and the award-winning smoked Aridea pepper of the Bolkis company, make a unique whole. Suitable for sauces, soups, stews, grills, marinades! Awarded the Gold Quality Medal 2018 in the Olymp Awards 2018 competition!..
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Salt and pepper, the two main ingredients of any cooked food. The natural raw salt combines perfectly with black, red, white and green pepper, while the coriander comes to give an extra flavor. The natural moisture of the salt "pulls" color and flavors from the pepper, making a wonderful whole. Suitable for barbecue and casseroles, sauces, grilled and any dish of Mediterranean cuisine...
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A marriage of the best elements of the mountain and the sea! Natural unprocessed salt of Messolonghi with 5 organic herbs (thyme, oregano, mint, marjoram and rosemary), directly from the mountains of Epirus. These organic herbs are mixed with raw salt in an easy-to-use mix, for every use, from salads and raw foods to grilled fish or meat. An ideal and easy-to-use mix of excellent products that will emphasize your cooking, awarded with the bronze Medal of Quality in the Olymp Awards 2018 competition!..
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