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Brand: Trata Product Code: STU24
TRATA anchovies are carefully selected from fresh catch. They are meticulously cleaned, quality assured and canned. They are cooked lightly so as to retain their crispy and tender flesh, which is full of natural nutrients. The added oregano and light vegetable oil along with the natural aromas of fr..
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Aubergines in Tomato Sauce "Imam" - Ready Meal - 280gr - Zenith
Brand: Onassis Product Code: STU61
Imam aubergines are cooked in a rich tomato sauce in the oven. Put them in a baking tray and sprinke crumbled feta on top. Heat it in the oven (medium heat) until feta melts. Enjoy this vegetarian dish with your favourite bread. Onassis Aubergines Cooked in Tomato Sauce ..
Ex Tax:4.80€
Brand: Simply Greek Product Code: STU26
Three desirable ingredients in rapturous harmony blending together beautifully to create a flavour that is simply captivating as well as intense. The beetroot, the white cured feta cheese and the aromatic herb can all be sensed in each bite. Not only a refreshing and sensational taste but also an ex..
Ex Tax:4.50€
Brand: Ktimata Agrimanakis Product Code: STU58
The traditional Greek diet wastes nothing, and that's no less true for its ubiquitous grape vines. These organic grape leaves are harvested from Soultana grape vines of the Agrimanakis Estate and conserved in water without preservatives or chemicals.Grape leaves are immensely nutritious. Low in calo..
Ex Tax:9.20€
Brand: Palirria Product Code: STU52
One of the most nutritious pulses, split peas, are pureed together with onions to give you this tasty dish.It is ideal as a side dish and can be perfectly accompanied with slices of onions, virgin olive oil and capers...
Ex Tax:4.80€
Brand: BAXES Product Code: STU18
A traditional recipe, delicious giant baked beans, prepared in a tomato sauce and are baked to perfection. These Gigantes are a special recipe of baked soft white giant beans, tomato, onions, dill, and parsley all carefully packed and ready to eat. Suitable for vegetarians...
Ex Tax:3.90€
Brand: BAXES Product Code: STU39
Succulent meatballs in rich tomato sauce, ideal for your meze platters...
Ex Tax:5.20€
Moussaka sauce in a jar - 100gr - Simply Greek
Brand: Simply Greek Product Code: STU29
Inspired by our national dish, we closed the flavor of moussaka in a jar ... eggplant, tomato, feta, nutmeg .....
Ex Tax:4.30€
Brand: Trata Product Code: STU22
Musky octopus in soft vegetable oil, in 100gr can, produced from Trata. This is a typical meze made by octopuses caught in Aegean Sea, and are prepared carefully, sliced, cooked and canned to reach your table. Musky octopus is cooked first and then soft vegetable oil is added. Octopus is a de..
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Brand: Palirria Product Code: STU19
Ready to eat bamies, Greek country okras, a traditional dish of okras in onion and tomato sauce. This Greek dish is made of young okras, onion, tomato, parsley and garlic and it's ready to eat. Suitable for vegetarians. Preserved in the fridge for 3 days after opening...
Ex Tax:4.50€
Brand: BAXES Product Code: STU31
An excellent delicious greek dish. Its taste matches with caper, green olives, and garlic. Its taste also goes well with meat dishes etc. It has been proven scientifically that the red peppers are rich in vitamin C which contributes to the health of the human immune system. More specifically the re..
Ex Tax:4.80€
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